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More Fun With Index Cards

So, I was working on a little side project that won’t be done quite in time for Gencon, and since that was the point of it, I figured I’d share the fruits of it.  I was dinking around with fitting Fate event generation on an index card.  I started out with simple two die tables, like this set for quick high concept generation – take two dice, roll once on each card, and combine:

card1 card2


Worked ok, but it didn’t seem like the most efficient use of the card.  Lots of wasted space.  So I tried a different format for some utility tables, inspired by Fiasco:

card8 card7


And that worked ok, so decided to make a set for plot generation, a la two guys with swords:

card3 card4 card5 card6

That, I think, worked pretty well.  it’s a fun format, and one I’m going to have to try to get a little bit more use out of.

Any suggestions for tables the world needs?


This one is inspired by a question David Goodwin asked. Using it as a chance to try a slightly different dice presentation.



FURTHER EDIT: NOPE.  Uneven border doesn’t work.  so much for the quick and dirty fix.