More Fun With Index Cards

So, I was working on a little side project that won’t be done quite in time for Gencon, and since that was the point of it, I figured I’d share the fruits of it.  I was dinking around with fitting Fate event generation on an index card.  I started out with simple two die tables, like this set for quick high concept generation – take two dice, roll once on each card, and combine:

card1 card2


Worked ok, but it didn’t seem like the most efficient use of the card.  Lots of wasted space.  So I tried a different format for some utility tables, inspired by Fiasco:

card8 card7


And that worked ok, so decided to make a set for plot generation, a la two guys with swords:

card3 card4 card5 card6

That, I think, worked pretty well.  it’s a fun format, and one I’m going to have to try to get a little bit more use out of.

Any suggestions for tables the world needs?


This one is inspired by a question David Goodwin asked. Using it as a chance to try a slightly different dice presentation.



FURTHER EDIT: NOPE.  Uneven border doesn’t work.  so much for the quick and dirty fix.


5 thoughts on “More Fun With Index Cards

  1. David Goodwin

    How about…

    How Does This Guy Know You?
    Let’s See Who’s Really Behind It All!
    What Organization Is This Place A Front For?
    And Now, The Twist You Didn’t See Coming…
    What One Weird Trick Does This Other Fighter Know?

  2. Eric

    The icons for the dice on the second sets of tables feel…sub-optimal, to me. The greyed out second die makes it look like an optional version of the first die, rather than a separate die type.

    1. Rob Donoghue Post author

      Intent is a second color. Ideally, I’d switch to an outlined version (or at least one with a dark symbol), but I’ve held off because it would be kind of a pain.

  3. Richard Glover

    I would totally love a pdf of blank cards set up like that! I can fill them in with all kinds of cool questions!


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