Not At PAX Yet

My original plan had me on the road to PAX unplugged already, but that’s going to be a bit delayed.  No real post for the day, but a preview of something I’m working through whose final form I am not yet sure of.

4 thoughts on “Not At PAX Yet

  1. Fred Hicks

    Now I’m imagining certain packages having stress tracks (or timers/progress clocks, whatever) that accumulate extra tick marks if you take the alternative (longer) route between two nodes…

  2. Craig Foster

    Have you seen “TheBrain” software?

    It is a crazy program that lets you connect everything to everything, as appropriate, then shift the center to bring all related pieces into visual orbit around that center. It’s like an object oriented database in a mind map.

    I have my Spirit of the Century campaign in a “brain.” Villains, their minions, heroes, allies, patrons, neutrals/npcs, places, encounters, stuff…

    I have this vision that campains could be sold in this format in the future.

    1. Rob Donoghue Post author

      I LOVELOVELOVE The Brain. (Amusing aside – Fred kept the notes for the very first Fate game in The Brain). But I use it less than I want because they don’t seem to be keeping the interface up to date. I really want that functionality with a more modern UX.

      1. Craig Foster

        A surprising number of Mac apps still have clunky interfaces. This conversation prompted me to pull up my Spirit campaign brain and there’s a new version 10 which may be better. I haven’t used it enough to tell, tho it seems not particularly different in the ui.

        Anyway, I put my Spirit campaign Brain online w/ open access. You might find it interesting and, if so, I’m curious what you make of it. 🙂


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