The Thaw: The initial spread

Character images are not yet confirmed, and are currently wildly uncredited, but here’s a snapshot of how I do my notes for play.



Card nerds will note that they’re index card sized, not playing card sized, and people who’ve played with me before are well aware that I cannot resist doing a spread.

EDIT: Tuaq’s image was wrong, so that’l be updated in the next version.  That said, I want to call out that while it is a little frivolous to do things in this style, it means that I can then do something like THIS, which is pretty actionable.



2 thoughts on “The Thaw: The initial spread

  1. Javier

    That is so cool! How did you do that? I mean, is there a particular software do you use for these spreads and cards?

    Very interesting campaign setup, BTW. Looking forward for more. 🙂

    1. Rob Donoghue Post author

      I did it in omnigraffle, but I suspect I could do it in PowerPoint or maybe even word in a pinch


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