The Power of Rectangles

newrectanglesOk, I made some very simple lunchtime changes over at the DM’s Guild to the Grey Tyrant and the Pathwarden:

  1. Unified the look of the covers and text
  2. Updated the names so they include a “brand” (5by3 Games, because why not?)
  3. Made some tweaks, including adding some designers notes and addressing a problem with the Pathwarden’s damage output.

These are not going to turn into overnight success by any stretch of the imagination, but there’s a lot of value in consistency, so I feel better about them at least.

5 thoughts on “The Power of Rectangles

  1. Zooroos

    Hi Rob,

    I’m following these posts while taking notes in my notepad. Very illuminating indeed.

    Keep up the good work. For science! 😛

  2. hvg3

    Yes, interesting experiment! 🙂

    The pics and thumbnail look like Word is having issues with the word “Pathwarden” (red dotted line). Not sure if it’s in the finished product, but might be good to confirm that they are not there, and to update the thumbnail if it still shows there?

  3. ScottM

    Strangely, when I click on your name from a post, it lists 4 products. Two are your 4e products and the other two are your DMSguild products–with the old covers, not the ones from this post!

    1. Rob Donoghue Post author

      Yeah, I think there’s some kind of caching issue I need to defeat. Unfortunately, family events have very much distracted me from this experiment.


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