5e Backgrounds plus Lifepaths

Just a quick cross reference to the post for a google doc I’ve put up for comment. It’s a draft of an idea for presenting 5e backgrounds in a style similar to the lifepaths from games like Traveller and Cyberpunk.

This is, I admit, exactly the sort of thing that I hope the license will allow.


6 thoughts on “5e Backgrounds plus Lifepaths

  1. Bill

    It’ll be interesting to see how licensing shakes out. My personal thought is to replace 5e Backgrounds with the 13th Age items (One Unique Thing, ICON Relationships, and Backgrounds/Free form Proficiencies)

  2. Kevin Matheny

    I like it. It also reminds me a bit of Traveller, which is a good thing. And there’s a bit of Warhammer Fantasy to it.

    I’m tempted to do something like this for creating higher-level characters with some backstory and adventures, which would be very much like Traveller.

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