Hook and Chain Aspects

Two FATE terms I’ve used in conversation recently, which I should write down somewhere.

Chain Aspects – Aspects which, when used, turn into another aspect. Super useful for certain types of powers or any situation where there is a setup component rather than jumping right to the end.

Hook Aspects – These aren’t aspects at all, at least in a sense. A hook aspect is a blank aspect slot on a character sheet, and it’s filled in at the beginning of the session. Depending on the game, there might be existing hooks written into the adventure for players to pick up, or it might just be what the character wants today. These are especially useful for pickup play since they make the question of why a character is hooked into an adventure a shared one rather than a pure GM responsibility.

2 thoughts on “Hook and Chain Aspects

  1. Dennis

    The concept of the Hook is an extremely appealing one!

    It’s a promise of something interesting and relevant that can be fulfilled once the players find out what that even is. It facilitates quick starts AND integration with the setting– an unique combination.

    1. Bill Olander

      The hook aspect reminds me of how Milestones were handled in the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying game except that for those you traded out an existing milestone in order to gain the adventure milestone.


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