Getting on the Supplement Treadmill

Because there was some demand, I present the immensely bloated Advanced TinyFate, with double the pagecount of TInyFate!




For the nerds, this basically just takes Bruce Baugh’s suggestion and combines it with the “Aspect Only” rules from the fate toolkit where aspects provide a constant passive +1 bonus when they’re applicable.   This is definitely “advanced” because applicability is something that depends on familiarity with Fate, but it’s still pretty simple.

Importantly, this also brings total bonuses back in line with default FAE (offsetting the loss of stunts) which may be useful for some.




4 thoughts on “Getting on the Supplement Treadmill

  1. Uemei

    Do you remember that time a few minutes ago when I posted that Tiny Fate was beautiful?
    Forget I ever said that, THIS is perfect!


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