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I usually skip the actual Origins awards ceremony. I’d pretend that this is some hipster douchebag, too cool for the event sort of thing but the reality is that in past years I have never been able to actually find the ceremony, and directions didn’t seem to help. This was the first year i actually found it (and the beer garden), so that was a good reason to go.

Even so, I was mostly just there to cheer on Fred, who was inducting Erick Wujick into the Origins Hall of Fame (and rightly so). I sat in the back and had brought along my copy of Ascension and a big stack of card sleeves – an awards ceremony seemed exactly the right opportunity to sleeve up all those cards. And it was. Things started reasonably on time, and James Earnest lives up to his reputation as a great MC, and I was cheerfully ripping through those cards, and then the Damndest thing happened: we won.
The Dresden files RPG was up for the Origins award for best RPG and best RPG supplement. The competitions in both categories was crazy fierce, and I was pretty sure we had no chance – in fact, I had a high level of confidence in who we would lose too in each category. Pathfinder was just going to crush is in Best Supplement, and Best RPG was a toss up: DC adventures, unless Green Ronin split their vote between that and Dragon Age, in which case, Gamma World would take it. I was so very, very wrong.
So, now I have two statues, or at least two I share with Fred, Lenny, Clark, Amanda, Ken, Ryan, Chad, Genevieve and of course, Jim. This is pretty fantastic. I have no ideas what it _means_ – Origins award provides no useful predictor on how the other awards of the season will fall out, and I have no idea if it means a sales bump, but i don’t really *need* to know those things. This crazy idea that started with a trio of friends running Amber LARPs and a long drive to Tahoe managed to do this thing, and if you asked the people on that trip if they could have ever imagined this, they would have laughed and laughed. This is something that happens to other people.
But, I guess maybe it isn’t. Might be a lesson in that.

10 thoughts on “So That Happened

  1. Bill Templeton

    Seconded. Congratulations to you and the whole Evil Hat crew. The Dresden Files books were a long time coming, but the finished products are just overflowing with gaming awesome, and I’m glad the Origin awards recognized that.

  2. Seth Clayton

    Congrats to you all! The award is well deserved. You can tell there was a lot of love put into those books, so it doesn’t surprise me, despite the stiff competition!

  3. Paul Weimer

    I finished my column for SF Signal on the DFRPG the afternoon of the evening that you guys won. I emailed John DeNardo, the site host, that night, excitedly telling him that I had to update the post because of you guys winning…

  4. Lisa Padol

    Honestly, I have no idea what it means. I don’t usually vote on the award because, well, I’m a little odd in that I think honor demands I be familiar with all the entries in the category before presuming to vote, and I usually don’t do that. (*) I was rooting for you guys, and I figured you had a decent shot.

    I think it means that folks who voted — and I don’t know how many folks vote — liked reading or playing the game.

    (*) Mind, I would think it’s a no-brainer, but a lot of people who have similar-but-not-identical ethics to mine have tried explaining that it really isn’t wrong, that everyone does it, and so on. And, I’m the person who called up my SCA brother the year there was a student strike and the adjuncts (including me) were informed that a) paychecks would be two weeks late and b) our chair would have to confirm we were actually present and teaching. I informed him that my honor had been imputed and asked him to come down in his armor and avenge it. He explained to me that this would not be appropriate. Oh, but it would have been glorious!


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