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Commitment is writing this when I could be playing Dragon Age: Awakenings. No review yet – it’s fun so far, and I think the expansions of mythology may end up being very useful for tabletop, but I want to finish it before really assessing things. That said, I have one thing to say to Bioware.



In other news, I want to point folks over at this. Margaret Weis Productions has lifted the veil of secrecy on their other project. Josh Roby is at the helm of a Cortex version of Smallville, an if you thinking we’ve done weird things for Leverage, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I am so excited for this product that I occasionally feel like I’m kin doff cheating on my own product.

There are other cool things for the future. Daniel Solis launched a kickstart for his very clever game, Happy Birthday Robot, and hit his contribution goal in 24 hours. Daniel keeps being surprised by things like this, but this is only because he’s not aware of just how awesome his stuff is. Jess Hartley has also launched a patronage project, The Shattered Glass Project, and response has been great. The bottom line, really, is that the cloud of awesome is very large.

In the realm of awesome thing soy can get right now, you should check out Will Hindmarch’s Alien Survivor. It’s a self contained game of survival hour built on the chassis of John Harper’s Lady Blackbird. If you don’t know what Lady Blackbird it, then go check it out – I don’t want to spoil the surprise, but you are in for one magnificent treat.

No? Well then how about a free copy of the magnificent game of Olympian planetary romance, Nine Worlds? This game had literally vanished for a time, and that was a great shame. I’m glad it’s back in the light.

Still not enough? How about a 39 page preview of the Dresden Files RPG? Nevermore – Charm City was never quite so darkly charming.

And if all that is not enough, then perhaps you’d like a little cake or pie?

(And as long as I’m throwing around random links today, if there’s something cool out there on the net you want to call attention to, feel free to do so in the comments!)

2 thoughts on “A Random Day

  1. semioticity

    I really, really don’t want to buy Leverage, especially at the price point MWP is asking, but I think I have a built-in audience for the game, and IT’S FULL OF AWESOME, so I think I should prepare my wallet.

    I’m not a fan of Smallville, although I was early on, but I’m really curious about this implementation, as it’s kinda close to certain things I’m focusing on for my Iconography game for Fred. My wallet can only sustain so much at a time, though.


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