GM Kit

So I found this at Wegman’s.


It’s twenty bucks, and it opens up like this:


So I gave the art supplies to my kid, and took out the trays and filled it up with…other material.

IMG_4732 This encountered a problem when it closed – dice and pencils spilled together. So I moved the paper down and kept the top for dice.IMG_4733

And now it closes up all nice.  IMG_4734

Now I need to decide what game to dedicate this to. It’s a shame Dungeon World is over, because I would totally have used it for that (and I suspect it’s a little bit too small for D&D).

Anyway, fun little project, took maybe 5 minutes, so I figured I’d share.

2 thoughts on “GM Kit

  1. Dave Sokolowski

    That’s great! I’m always having to stuff my Trail/Call of Cthulhu materials into my work bag when I head out for my weekly game night.

    Are you not running a weekly game night? If not, then perhaps it’s time to start it up!


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