Monthly Archives: January 2013

Where I’ve Been

So, I’ve run more silent than usual of late, but there’s a good reason for it.

Evil Hat kicked off the Fate Core kickstarter a little while back, and it’s doing well. Really, really well.  And part of that doing well has resulted in a number of stretch goals which are keeping me busy.  For starters, I’ve been writing the magic systems for the toolkit.  The target for that was 10,000 words, and as of last edit it’s a little north of 17,000. That sounds good until you realize how much stuff I couldn’t put in it.  There are five magic systems in there, and I had to leave out several others for reasons of space.  They’ll probably see the light of day someday, though.  I’ve also been doing a lot of random writing of ideas for the rest of the toolkit – interesting things to do with skills, aspects, stunts and other stuff.   I’m also very excited to be working with Clark Valentine to help him produce the Fate Accelerated Edition.

All of which is to say, that most of my wordcount is going down the FATE tunnel for the moment, and will be for a little bit.  I’ll be back once that slows down a little, but for the moment that’s the big priority, and I thank you for your patience.