Another Short Day

Feeling better, but my computer is still on the fritz. Thankfully, the part I need should arrive today, and all should be well by tomorrow. So, today I’m just going to point at come cool things in other places.

The good folk over at the Podgecast declared me one of the 5 people to follow in the rpg-o-sphere and had some kind things to say. Worth a review, if only for the other four people. Even beyond my ego, the episode is well worth a listen for some very interesting insight into the role of instincts in Burning Wheel.

So, I had been excited enough when Literature & Latte announced the features for Scrivener 2.0 but they managed to top that with news of Scrivener coming to Windows in 2011. This is fantastic news.[1]

My friend over at Project Multiplexer has been noodling (twice) about the Dresden Files RPG. Good, interesting stuff.

Daniel Solis has another crazy idea.

Seth Godin wrote a short piece on the power of buttons which is worth keeping in mind for RPG power design. 4e powers-as-written are all buttons, so to speak. It’s not that people _can’t_ go beyond them, but there’s a natural gravity towards them.[2]

Harry Connoly‘s new book, A Game of Cages is out. I had it preordered on the kindle and finished by the next day. I picked up the first book to scratch my Dresden itch while waiting for changes, and I loved it. It’s darker and more street level stuff, and utterly compelling. The new book is even better than the first.

This post has me wondering about using video to capture techniques in play. Whole session recordings are too long to tolerate, but snippets to illustrate something? Thoughtworthy.

1 – If you do not know why this is fantastic news, you are in for a treat. Scrivener is a fantastic piece of writing (note, writing, not word-processing) software, one which has existed solely on the Mac for some time, causing much gnashing of teeth. I’ve written about my love of it before, and I’m hoping for massive success for them on Windows, which may be a blue ocean market for it.

2 – Which reminds me: Is there a page 42 in the Essentials Rules Compendium? I’ve been looking at the characters book mostly, so I’ve missed it if so.

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