Link Day

Link day!

  • If you are not familiar with Steven Savage‘s Seventh Sanctum site, you owe it to yourself to fix that. It’s a wonderful collection of random generators useful for all manner of fictional purposes.
  • The Fliptales kickstarter is a few days from closed, and it could go either way.  Do yourself a favor and check it out. They’re going for something unique (Short, pickup play RPGs that are DEEPLY newbie friendly) and I’ll be honest – I have no idea how well they’ll pull it off or if I’ll like the end result.  But I think it’s a tremendous thing to TRY, so I have happily backed. 
  • The After the War kickstarter will wrap up in a few hours, so mostly check this one out to get in before it closes.  Jason makes good stuff.
  • One of my favorite tumblrs, Unfuck Your Habitat (UFYH) for short has apparently hit the big leagues and now has a book.  I picked it up on Audible, and it is a delight.  There’s practical stuff in it, but it also really puts a lot f thought and time into questions of meta-work and the fact that not everyone’s options and resources are the same, and that you need to deal with it.  Wonderful book, but I need to give especial props to the early section on gender roles and cleaning as a fantastic series of truth hand grenades of the kind that it is useful for me to hear.  (Yes, the book is as delightfully profane as the title suggests.  Also, apparently there are a lot of “unfuck” books out now, but so far as I’m concerned, UFYH is where it started).

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