Letter of the Law, Belated

I just posted about my Letter of the Law game of Blades and it was pointed out that I had not explained what that was, so, er, oops.

This is a game I’ve been running and playing online, which is a new experience for me.  We run over Google Hangouts paired with screensharing.  I looked into Roll20, but despite the presence of Blades-specific plugins, I haven’t yet seen the reason to add the extra layer of complication.  Instead, I’ve just been putting everything into Google slides.  If you’re curious, I’ve posted a snapshot here.

Short form, there’s a strange crew of Bravos operating out of night market, with a Cutter, a Hound, a Lurk and a Leech. The name come from their HQ, which is the rare books room of a bookstore called The Letter of the Law.

3 thoughts on “Letter of the Law, Belated

  1. Michael

    Hey, I just wanted to recommend trying Slack. The extra layer of complication for it is very thin, but it allows you to edit any block of text, roll dice transparently, and keep player talk separate from character and narration.

    1. Rob Donoghue Post author

      We actually do the coordination on slack! Though next time I think I may try discord, since it offers similar features and apparently just opened up screen sharing & video chat, so I’m curious.

      1. Michael

        Slack is much better for working with text, but Discord is better for live video and audio. Which you use should be dependent on how you like to play. They’re both excellent.


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