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I’m not going to use a screen for 5e, but I still want a cheatsheet.  The catch is that there’s not a huge amount that I want to reference on the fly – the rules are largely simple enough that I can keep in mind.  I’ll probably do some damage table and such, but I realized the one thing I wanted was a quick reference for conditions, and so I made one. The initial draft went up on G+, but I’ve refined it since then.quick conditionsfixed

(The icons are from the ever magnificent

Missing from the chart are Charmed (Can’t act against charmer, charmer has advantage on social checks) and Frightened (Cannot move towards subject of fear, disadvantage while subject of fear is in sight). because those are better described in a sentence or two of text.  For the rest, I offer this key, which won’t go on my cheatsheet (because I’ve internalized it) but might help parse my thinking.


Anyway, I share in case anyone else needs a reference.

EDIT: Updated version with more color differentiation

quick conditions


quick conditions

8 thoughts on “Part of My Non-Screen

    1. Kurt

      Also, “appropriate”.

      This chart is awesome, the more color differentiation is great!
      I’d say that I want to subscribe to your newsletter, but… that’s why I’m here. 🙂

  1. dmfumbl

    This is great. I’m looking to build my own DM screen, and this is just the sort of thing I’d want to have. Compact, and like the previous commenter, this scans well.

    Is there an editable version of this? I have a few minor tweaks I’m thinking about, based solely on how my mind works.

    Either way, great job!

    1. Rob Donoghue Post author

      Once it’s actually done (people keep catching typos) I’ll put it up in as accessible a format as i can.

  2. Alan

    This is pretty awesome, and I’m looking forward to a “final” version.

    I believe Paralyzed, Petrified, and Unconscious people automatically fail Dexterity and Strength saves. Perhaps mark them with an X “Can’t do” along with Stunned (which currently has * “See Notes”)

    A few thoughts that aren’t really typos:

    – Since Unconscious and Paralyzed don’t have any notes at the moment and are the sole users of the “Y” marker. Perhaps eliminate the auto-crit column and the symbol entirely and just paste the auto-crit text into the Notes?

    – To my red-green colorblind eyes, the Cannot-Do and Advantage colors are very close. My suggestion would be to lighten the Advantage green a bit so there is more contrast in value.

  3. JR

    “Unconscious” is missing an ‘S’ amidships. This is the spelling mistake that cost me the third-grade spelling bee.


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