Economics of D&D

I am in one place today and my Monster Manual is in another, so the Hags will have to wait.

But while you are waiting, Emily has been writing some wonderful pieces on the economics of D&D, starting with a great piece on the economic impact of murder hobos,  and more recently on the significance of that pair of magical boots.   If you think that economics is too dry a topic for your table, I strongly suggest giving these a read, as they might show you otherwise.

One thought on “Economics of D&D

  1. David

    Those are decent articles, but I also think she is right in noting the huge assumption that is made that a D&D setting is going to “look like” or “operate as” a historical Europe of a certain era.

    The effects of healing on overall health (plus how this plays out class-wise), the effects of magic on crop yields, the prevalence of magical travel, the effect of magical communications, the effects of magic on combat and warfare, the effects of what we’ll now call “legendary beasts” on, well, everything…

    The real question is figuring out why any particular campaign world looks anything at all like a historical analog of some sort… LOL!



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