The Tiniest Fate Hack

So, I saw these and immediately thought they looked like character sheets. Dogberry

As written, you could probably do them up in FAE in short order, but it would require adding in approaches and stunts, and I admit that would lose a bit of the elegance of it. What it really required was an aspects-only hack.

Conveniently, I had just been thinking about how to really make character differentiation work in FAE (see Classes, for an example) and I had been thinking that one way to do that was to let the core aspect be invoked for free as a way of driving it home (effectively, making it an approach with a value of +2).  And that got me thinking that maybe you could get more mileage if you *didn’t* lock in the free invoke.

And that, in turn, lead to the tiniest Fate/Fae hack of them all – TinyFate

TinyFate CHARGEN Pick one aspect that sums up your character  Pick one aspect that says what kind of trouble happens to you. Pick one aspect that describes your role in the group Pick one more aspect.   RULES Each time you roll the dice, the first aspect you invoke is invoked without cost.

13 thoughts on “The Tiniest Fate Hack

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  2. Garrett Crissup

    This is really elegant. Has anyone had much experience playing this? Any suggestions?

    I had an eight and 2 seven year olds crank out some neat characters but we didn’t have dice. Used vampire larp paper rock scissors with core aspects giving a retest, and it was flowing pretty well for the limited time we had.

    What do you think about feng shui style roll (plus a D6 minus a D6) so we can pull them out of a monopoly box?

    1. Rob Donoghue Post author

      Feng shui style totally works. Alternately, if you have enough D6’s, just have each “plus” equate to 1d6, roll them all, and keep the best one, with the general spread of
      1 – Uh oh
      2 – Enh
      3 – Ok
      4- Good
      5 – Cool!
      6 – AWESOME!

      1. Garrett Crissup

        This is working really well so far, super accessible to newbs and children. I’m almost having more trouble with veterans not understanding that I’m not the enemy and want them to do anything that makes the story cooler.

        Even if a child doesn’t understand how negative numbers works, can wrap their head around, “you want to roll low on the black dice and high on the white.” Using the FATE2fe Table 1: Combat Outcomes but “taken out” is +11, may take a little fiddling to smooth out.

        Here are my Brother in Law and myself’s Tiny Fate Characters 😛

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