Not At Gencon. Not Bitter.

I am, I admit, pretty distracted by Gencon envy. My kid is almost old enough that I may yet be able to go to distant cons again someday, but for now, I’m pretty well stuck on the east coast. it could be worse – the holy trifecta of Dreamation, Dexcon and Metatopia is in driving distance, so I am not totally bereft.

Screen Shot 2013-08-15 at 9.43.29 AMAnyway, I am taking advantage of the relative lull to post something up in a google docs presentation (which is to say, powerpoint). I’ve toyed with this format before and I think it has a lot of promise for RPG publishing. Specifically, it is the easiest way to produce screen-readable texts which, if done right, casually work on screens of any size.

This does, I should add, demand a bit of a bastardization of the form. The goal is to walk a middle path between word processing (which would put too many words on the page) and presentation (which would put too few). By limiting things to a single idea per page, with no fear of white space or printing limitations, the potential to produce something very digestible is strong. While this example is GM advice, I think it can work just as well for rules or adventures (and, in fact, I think it may be a superior format for many adventures).

Anyway, I’ve allowed comments on the doc and will leave them open for as long as they don’t get hijacked by bots or the like. Feel free to comment, either here or directly in the doc.

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