Happy Fourth

I’m on the road today, so no post to speak of. Holiday weekend has been a ton of fun, but driving home probably won’t be. We’ll see if our route through the boonies saves us any hassle.

One small gaming note I will make: Since last week, I have confirmed that Ascension supports multiplayer on the ipad and iphone, and supports if very well. Well enough that I have almost a dozen games going at once. What’s more, I keep finding clever things about the interface. For example, if you double tap on a card, it zooms that card up. Normal enough. But if you swipe right or left on that zoomed image, you orate through zoomed images of other cards from that same context (like your hand or a discard pile). While less essential on the ipad, where there’s more space to touch things, this is incredibly handy on the iphone, especially if things get crowded on screen.

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