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Got a lot of writing done this weekend, but none of it was for the blog, so today I’m goign to point to a few other interesting things out there.

  • I was interviewed over at, a Russian RPG site (scroll down to see the interview in english). I wish I could attribute it to my keen skills in Russian, but I have none. They went through the trouble of asking me some great questions and translating my crazily verbose responses, and it’s an interesting read.
  • Jeremy Keller’s Tech Noir Kickstarter went live and blew through its initial funding goal, and he’s now working on additional goals. This game is totally worth checking out, and since he’s designing in the open, you can read his beta stuff and see if it’s to your taste. One thing I will say: watch the kickstarter video. Just wow.
  • David Hill launched his project the same day, the Guestbook Kickstarter, a quick-playing collectible social game.. David’s project was one of the ones I was looking at when I started thinking about this new generation of collectibility in games. Worth a look, and doubly interesting for his open-ended model of success on Kickstarter.
  • Shockingly, things also happened in places other than Kickstarter. Adamant Entertainment launched their long-awaited western & wuxia mashup, Far West. They’ve been teasing this one for a while, so it’s need to see the doors open up a bit.
  • Edit: Crud! Totally forgot about the Fiasco Companion pre-order!

So, I’ve been in a cave all weekend. What else is new and awesome this week?

4 thoughts on “Day of Links

  1. Evan

    Since being turned on to Savage Worlds at the “Taste of Savage Worlds” at Labyrinth Games a few weeks ago, I have, in my few spare moments, been noodling again with a pulp adventure project. I came across this cool Flash Gordon link ( It’s not new and I claim no special discovery, but it is a very nice site that is not just a tribute site, but has some attitude about the various portrayals of Flash over the years. Perhaps a footnote discovery, but cool for me.

  2. Goken

    Rob, Loved the Russian interview. Regarding Essentials: I think I have an idea of some of the mistakes that were made. But since you’re “the center of the RPG world”, you obviously know. 😉 Seriously though, I would love for you to expound upon how Essentials might have been done better. Perhaps with a blog post? 🙂


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