Oh, Crud, It’s April Fools

I had a real post drafted and everything, but then I remembered that today is “don’t follow links on the Internet day”, so my thoughts on digital comics are going to wait until next week. Like most folks, I have mixed feelings about April Fools day, primarily because so many people are so bad at it, but the folks who do it well tend to make it worthwhile. A few that I like to check every year.

For a good general roundup, Lifehacker has a bunch of today’s April Fools Pages but I ask the world – any really good ones out there I haven’t seen yet?

8 thoughts on “Oh, Crud, It’s April Fools

  1. Shouit

    Boardgame Geek had it so when you searched for things it pointed to Monopoly if it was on the board game page. Stating didn’t you mean Monopoly. Thought that was cute this morning.


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