Ok, so it’s a non-post-post, but I am willing to blame the complexities tied to 30 inches of snow.

But to be fair to anyone who actually reads this, if you’ve got a question you want to see me try to answer in the main blog, go ahead and ask in comments. I’ll do my level best.

4 thoughts on “Mulligan

  1. Sebastian Hickey

    Hi Rob,

    Ever since I started reading your blog I’ve been learning great, useful things. I really appreciate your work, and I admire your broad knowledge. I’m looking to expand my horizons when it comes to gaming. Whenever I post a reply to people’s blogs, because I’m so enthused by their work that I want to contribute, I often end up voicing naive and clumsy concerns. The more I think about it, the more I realise that it’s partly because of my newness to web Society, and partly because of my ignorance. So, if you can help me to improve my knowledge so I can better understand and utilise the language of gaming, I’d be a much more tolerable and happy comment maker.

    In that vein, I’d really like to know what podcasts you would recommend listening to to help me explore more about game design, game theory, game discussion and game politics. Also, if you have a list of podcasts that are currently active that you respect, on any subject, I’d love to hear about those too.

    So, that’s my question for you.

    Kind regards,


  2. Helmsman

    Hm, questions… a lot of the questions on game design I think would be best asked in comfy chairs with a nice scotch and a cohiba… so at the risk of sounding snoopy I’m interested in what feeds you in the day job? I can only assume that Evil Hat isn’t quite at the point to be sustaining two salary’s so I wonder what work allows the stimulating tweets I enjoy.

  3. Reverance Pavane

    No matter what you say, you are still not going to convince me that water can freeze in the air and fall as that icy confection known as snow. Let alone that enough can fall so that there is 30″ of it. At least anywhere non-Yeti live.

    Hmmm. Are you a Yeti?

    [It’s 38.7C at the moment here. This comment may be inspired by a degree (actually about 18.7 of them) of jealousy.]

  4. Reverance Pavane

    On a slightly more serious note, what have been your favourite game systems that you have played, and why did you like them. No in depth analysis required. More as background information of what took you to where you are now.


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