52 Pickup

This is the list of questions I intend to use for our next 4e chargen. I’ll probably deal 3 cards to each player, and ask them the appropriate question. Someday these may go on cards of their own, but for the moment, the list is still in flux.

Card:    Question
AC:    What does your father do for a living?
2C:    What does your mother do for a living?
3C:    What birthday present do you still treasure? Who gave it to you?
4C:    Whose was the first funeral you remember?
5C:    Name three people who will attend your funeral.
6C:    How did the character to your left save your life?
7C:    Who do you pay rent to?
8C:    What’s the highest level of education you received?
9C:    When was the last time someone bought you a meal? Who, where and what?
10C:    Who’s your favorite sports team?
JC:    Whose murder were you framed for?
QC:    Did you catch the man who robbed you?
KC:    What was your first job?
AD:    What did you get your niece for her birthday?
2D:    Why did you flee the circus?
3D:    Who is the best person you know?
4D:    Who thinks you’re worth saving?
5D:    What are the first three things you see when you wake up?
6D:    What did you want to be when you were a kid?
7D:    When did your faith fail you?
8D:    Who serves your drinks?
9D:    Who takes your bets?
10D:    Where do you go to pray?
JD:    Who was the first person you saw killed?
QD:    What was the worst date you’ve ever been on?
KD:    What is the highest you’ve ever climbed?
AH:    Why do you owe the character to your left money?
2H:    What happened to your clothes?
3H:    Who wants to know your secret?
4H:    Where did you hide the loot from the big score?
5H:    How did you burn your hand?
6H:    What did you confess to the character to your right?
7H:    Which god do you owe a favor to?
8H:    Where did you wake up after passing out?
9H:    How did you survive when the ship went down?
10H:    Who taught you to speak the languages you know?
JH:    Who kicked your ass when you were a kid?
QH:    Who taught you to read and write?
KH:    Who took your shoes?
AS:    Whose name is on that tattoo?
2S:    Where is your bolt hole?
3S:    Who has a key to your place?
4S:    Where do you eat breakfast?
5S:    How did you get that scar?
6S:    How long did you serve in the army?
7S:    How long were you at sea?
8S:    How did you lose all that money?
9S:    Why can’t you use your family name?
10S:    Who killed your sister?
JS:    Why did you get married so young?
QS:    What does that key open?
KS:    Who ended your last relationship?

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