Dusting off TinyFate

Someone asked me if I was going to open up TinyFate, and I realized that

A) I absolutely wanted to and
B) i really needed to give it another pass

So, I’m trying an experiment, since TInyFate has been nothing if not an ongoing experiment. I have migrated from the powerpoint style presentation over to google docs, with the expectation that I will see if it can generate a decent epub file once this is done.

But in the meantime, the experiment.  I’ve posted the file to google docs, and have comments turned on via this link: (LINK REMOVED: SEE EDIT FOR DETAILS)

Don’t know how long I’ll keep it open, but if you want to take a look and weigh in, it would be appreciated.


EDIT: Feedback has been amazing, thank you to everyone who commented.  I’m taking the link down from this post, so I can start working on version 0.4.  I’ll leave comments on for the moment, because I have a request: If you helped, I want to credit you. Leave a comment here or there with how you would like to be credited, and I’ll make sure names make it into the final doc.

Once again, thank you everyone who contributed. It shined the light on some (obvious in retrospect) blind spots.  I’ll absolutely throw up a flare once 0.4 is ready.

2 thoughts on “Dusting off TinyFate

  1. Rob Donoghue Post author

    I am watching comments but resisting the urge to knee jerk reply so I’ll just say here – Y’all are awesome

  2. zimboe

    Hi. Just wanted to let you know, that I used tinyFate 0.3 as the basis for a one-shot.
    I ran a two hour session at my daughters party (8th birthday) for her and two friends. The rules were pared down to retain the attention and stay within the time frame. So no detailed analysis; but tinyFate works. And I am very interested to see how it scales (also: with the average age at the table).
    tl;dr: Thanks for posting & love to see the next release!


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