Monday Monday

I had almost forgotten I should post today. As such, expect randomness.

Three day weekend and I’m off on the road, posting once again through blogpress on the iPad. Excepting the fact that it can’t do formatting (which I miss for my footnotes) this is actually surprisingly robust (though the dedicated WordPress software seems a bit stronger), So that said, Monday will be my fifth day on the road, and I haven’t really missed my laptop at all. The only thing I want it for is to review the photographs I’ve taken, but that’s not really a pressing concern. It can easily wait until I’m home at my desk.

That said, it has hardly been a fair test. Because I’ve been visiting family, the amount of time I’d WANT to spend on a computer has been pretty minimal. That means that while I’ve consumed (read comments and email, mostly) I have not really had time to sit down and produce, so comments (some substantial and interesting) and emails (ditto) have gone unanswered. That’s a shame, but it’s not something I can really blame on the Ipad.

The external keyboard setup is mostly proving superior to toting around a laptop excepting in a few situations. So long as there’s a work surface, it rocks, but for more awkward positions (like in bed) it’s rough.

Connectivity’s been a bit of an issue, but it’s Vermont, and it’s been equally problematic on my Verizon phone, so no points lost there.

As a random aside, this is the first long trip we’ve taken with NO physical maps in the car, depending entirely on my droid or the ipad for maps. It was good we had redundancy, but it turned out we could rely on one or the other wherever we went, even up into the mountains or out on the Champlain islands.

As with all trips to Vermont, it was marred by the sheer volume of things that I didn’t get to go see or do, but it was better than usual. If you’re in Burlington, the aquarium on the waterfront (which was new to me) is a fantastic place to take a kid. Jamie had an absolute blast, pointing at the glass and loudly declaring “Ish! Ish!”

4 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Jim

    Our CEO has an iPad with the folding leather case. Does that case, or one like it, have storage for the keyboard, or do you use a more “legacy” bag solution?

    Have a great holiday!

    Provided it’s not delaying the Leverage RPG release the least little bit, I mean. I want that thing in the worst way.

  2. Arashi

    Where did you go island-wise – South/North Hero? I grew up on Mallett’s Bay in Colchester and spent a lot of time at a friend’s place up there.

  3. Rob Donoghue

    @Jim no case for the kb yet. Working on a solution for that.

    @Arashi did the whole run – nh, sh and Grand Isle. Jumped off just before the border, and took the bridge to Swanton, then 7 back to Burlington. I actually lived in Colchester for many years, sandwiched between my years in Essex Junction, so this was totally a “what has changed” kind of drive.


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